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Welcome to the new look 36 ARCOT WEB SITE 
Please feel free to add to the photo album's 
also leave a message in the GUEST BOOK 
& dont forget the TRACE A MATE page ~
some one could be looking to get in touch with you and buy you that beer they owe you.
If you have any ideas for the site please feel free to
Email me
or you can leave a message on the message board.
It is hoped that in the future some time about getting a 36 get together ~
 depends on the response as to where it will be
but looks like in the MIDLANDS so it is central to most places ~
so if you have any ideas about a get together please let me know.
Well hope you enjoy this new site and look forward to any ideas or input you have ~
 all the best Andy

Pete, Spike, Cuffy, Daz. (Iserlohn Pool)

The Original Battery Sign
Accommodation Sign Taken By A Ex Member